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New Products for Huds and Toke this year - 2017

We Are Really Excited To Show You Our New Products for 2017!!!Our little Gurus in the Research and Development Team have been working overtime to bring out a number of new products for your pets.So with-out further-a-do....... Allow me to proudly present the following new products which are now all available as we speak!DOGSLets start [...]

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Huds and Toke Gourmet Pet Treats now in Germany

Huds and Toke Gourmet Pet Treats are now being sold in Germany!!!We have established a new, and exciting, friendship, with an innovative business, in Germany whom shares our passion for Horses, dogs and pets in general.We love striving to help "Create Awesome Memories" with the Pets in our lives in Australia, but now we are [...]

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Huds and Toke Pet Treats in Take 5 Magazine

The owner of Huds and Toke was recently invited to take part in the latest issue of the Take 5 Magazine.Being on the Cover of one of the most widely read magazines in Australia is really exciting for not only the Brand but also for Emma, the owner!I mean, it's not everyday that one makes the cover [...]

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Molasses Horse Treats being Made

Molasses Horse Treats are made exclusively by Huds and Toke and are 100% Australian made.In fact we are the Original Horse Treat company in Australia.Check out this little snippet where we add the REAL Molasses whilst mixing up the ingredients for our Horse Treats.It goes from this....... To the below product!Give these little beauties a [...]

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THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT THIS YEAR!We, at Huds and Toke, have had such a big year and we wanted to say thank-you for your support. It is because of you that we love creating the most awesome Gourmet Pet Treats and Pet Products you can get anywhere in the world.It doesn't matter if you have a Cat, [...]

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Its Time To Start Thinking About Christmas......for your Pets!!!

I don't want to alarm you but Christmas is on its way........And our pets love this time of year as well!!!  Why wouldn't they? Halloween is well and truly over and it is about 6 weeks now until Santa come.......if you have been good that is!!! Now I know better than most how Xmas has a nasty habit of sneaking [...]

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Huds and Toke Doggy Vovo Dog Treats being finished off!

Our Dog Treat Artisan Designer and master Creator, Jane, is showing us how she does the finishing touches on our Doggy Vovo Dog Treat products.All of our Pet Treats are made by our Artisan creators and take great pride in their work.Believe me, they are always thinking about your Pets and how they can create [...]

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Carrot Horse Bix - Horse Training Treats - Being Made

Horse Treats are a really awesome product.  Our Huds and Toke Horse Training Treats are super popular and this is just another batch being whipped up!Check it out.From here, it is packaged and then sent all over the world for all those awesome ponies out there wanting to be trained and wanting to be rewarded [...]

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Making our Huds and Toke Doggy Birthday Cakes with Pride

Check out how we make our famous Huds and Toke Doggy Birthday Cakes.We put heaps of pride into each one so you can "Create Awesome Memories" with your best friend.Why not celebrate their special occasion like we do......with a party and cake!!!!  A Puppy Party that is!Contact us to find out more about our Birthday Cake [...]

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It's heating up......Time for NO MELT Dog Treats.....Guranteed!

It's that time of the year when, here, in Australia, things start to heat up!!!Not only is the Spring Horse Racing Carnival on it's way with the Iconic Melbourne Cup, Not only is Christmas fast approaching, and not only is the New Years Festive Season almost upon us...........BUT the Heat is coming as well!Soooo never [...]

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