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With Huds and Toke – It’s ok to talk about falling!

We see so many awesome people doing awesome things on social media and in the other media, if there is such a thing anymore.But we don’t often see the reality behind those one off great photos or video snippets!It sometimes looks like there are those who walk among us who have been given the gift of never failing and never [...]

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We're Back - AND Halloween Pet Treats are too!

Hi guys, It’s been a little while since you heard from us so we do apologize. We went on a little break for a week or so and then the school holiday juggle required careful management as well….. You know how it is!!!Now with these done and out of the way, we have some goodies to show you which [...]

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Huds and Toke Pet Treats are more than just Special!!!

There has been a lot spoken about with regards to Huds and Toke and the specialty, baked, dog treats which are made.And quite rightly so. There are some really interesting innovations built into them and they do look absolutely amazing…….. for interest, feel free to check out this link to see what I mean.Huds and Toke, however, is sooo much more [...]

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Huds and Toke pushing the limits of Dog Treats and Horse Treats

This week was a large week for Huds and Toke from a media perspective.......... Not only was it my Birthday, but we also had an article and radio interview go a tad viral.Check it out here.....it was a National Article in the ABC Rural News.It's a another great illustration of what we at Huds and [...]

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Awesome No Melt Pet Treats

It can be difficult to understand new innovations sometimes. It can be even harder to adopt them.But, if you can take a step back and consider what is new, sometimes you will see how much better things have been developed.I say this because the team at Huds and Toke have developed an amazing new innovation which really changes the [...]

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Check out our new Molasses Horse Treats.They are made with Real Molasses and with all the care that us at Huds and Toke are renowned for.We are really excited about these....... 100% Australian Made Horse Training Treats made specifically for your horse.They join our other flavors in the Horse Bix range.  These include Carrot Horse Bix, Apple [...]

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Why are Huds and Toke Homemade, Handmade, Dog Treats Better for your pet?

Anything homemade seems to be great!Homemade usually means hand made as well..... and that means dedication to the outcome!The reason Homemade is better is because of the intent of which the item has behind it being made!It’s the relentless pursuit of quality over quantity with an intent to make the best you can by using only top quality ingredients, and then [...]

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Choosing Healthy Pet Treats Made Easy

Recently us at Huds and Toke were featured in an article written by our friends at Bupa.You know the insurance guys? They not only offer health insurances but also a really comprehensive Pet Insurance Product as well.It’s awesome to be involved with these guys......  Working together with a team like this shows how the whole Pet Industry is evolving [...]

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An insight into why we believe in creating great Pet Treat Products!

Why are Pet Treats important in the role of owning a pet; be it a Dog, Horse, Cat, Rabbit, Guinea pig, bird or whatever?Watch the little clip below......it briefly touches on why we do what we do!!!This is why we create the best Dog Treats and Horse Treats, and indeed, the best Pet Treats in [...]

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Holiday Pet Treat Helpers!!!

These little rippers popped in over their recent school holidays to help with the production of Dog Treats at our head quarters!They did a great job, had some fun, and it was a pleasure teaching them what our world is all about!!!I wonder if anyone else would like to do this???Thank-you girls for your help. [...]

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