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"Lab" Testing our NEW Dog Treats

Sooo excited to release our latest, and newest, Doggy Treat!Ladies and Gentleman.............., Huds and Toke give you the all new ...."DOGGY VOVO"!!!!!Check it out.......Totally "LAB" Tested!!!!!The Pet Treat product development team have done an amazing job creating this brand new, specifically design, gourmet dog treat.This is what we love to do......Helping to "Create Awesome Memories" [...]

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In Part 1, we discussed what happiness actually is and then touched briefly on how pets can help.In Part 2 lets discuss how pets help with happiness shall we?Psychologists from the Miami University in the United States have found that pets help people in a number of ways. 1.Give us better Self-Esteem.They do this by showing us their unequivocal love [...]

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More Dog Treats and Doggy Mutt Muffins being made!

To make great Pet Treats, or ART, as we call it.......... you have to start with simplicity and then build on that base to create awesome pet products. A boring video, but still........the outcome can be amazing!!!! From this........watch below You get this.......... It's is truly amazing at the range and the creativity the team and Huds and Toke [...]

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Huds and Toke Dog Treat Development Manager

This is the Huds and Toke Product Development, and sometimes taste tester, manager.He loves coming in from time to time and we get him to help with the testing and development.....Fun for us.....as well as for him!!!This is Barkeley helping us develop, and test, a new range of Dog Treats for the coming New Financial Year!!!We figure [...]

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Huds and Toke Dog Treats and Horse Treats - THESE ARE THE REASONS WE DO WHAT WE DO!!!

Take a look at this......  These guys are actually the creators of Huds and Toke!They love their animals so much that we they came up with the idea of the Huds and Toke Concept where we can help animals.So we have built a Dog Treat and Horse Treat business.This was on a trip to our [...]

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Happiness! I know this has nothing to do with pets……or does it???  Hanging out with your pets are one of the most amazing things one can do and makes everything better!!! Click Here Because we can help when it comes to you being happy with your pet! It is a well proven fact that people with pets are happier in [...]

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Is it OK for My Dog to Sleep Inside???

Is it OK for my dog to sleep inside!Yes…..that’s right…… I’m going to talk about it!!!This isn’t going to be about Pet Treats or Pet Products per say but it is most definitely about dogs!As winter is upon us I have noticed that our dogs are increasingly turning on the cuteness factor at night before I blow the home fires [...]

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When To Give Your Dog Pet Treats?

Dog Treats are such an amazing product. There is such a wonderful choice for one to consider plus so many reasons to give them to your favorite pet. Recently, I have been getting a few questions from our customers about the times when we should, indeed, be giving our best mates a Dog Treat.So I thought I would [...]

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Iron in the Diet

I was notified during the week about a Cat Food which has been re-called in the UK because of too much Iron.Nothing to worry about here in Australia I am led to believe, however I was curious as to why this is important enough to re-call and what Iron is needed for? So I did a bit [...]

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Does my horse need Iodine?

IODINE is an essential nutrient required in horses as it is in us humans which is necessary for the production of certain hormones which influence nearly every process in the body.This ranges from proper brain development, heat regulation, essential bone growth and feed utilization and all basal metabolism.So it is really safe to say that Iodine [...]

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