Kangaroo Heart Puppy Treat - 100g

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Kangaroo Heart Puppy Treat - 100g. All Natural Kangaroo Meat Dog Treat for Puppies.


Kangaroo Heart Puppy Treats are very low in fat and a great source of protein, iron and Omega-3.  They are all natural and dehydrated to lock in the flavour and the nutrition.

These Dog Treats contain no preservatives and no chemicals. 

Being an offal cut, it has less than 5% fat and allergen-free and are high in Antioxidants with a high concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal.

This Pet Treat is an ideal Puppy Chew as it is easy to break into smaller pieces yet the perfect size for small dogs to chew and eat without breaking apart. Perfect to use for training purposes with your puppy or small to medium dog.

These treats are a very popular treat for small dogs and for Puppies.

100% Australian with NO artificial Preservatives. A Healthy Meaty Treat for any puppy and small dog.