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Kangaroo Tendons 1kg

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Kangaroo Tendons are one of the most popular Dog Chews around.

Ideal for small to medium dogs. Very chewy and full of goodness.

Relatively small in size so easy to handle and awesome for portion control, but they take quite a while to consume.

Great Dental Chew for gum and teeth health.

Low Fat.

100% Natural - No additives.

100% Australian, free range Kangaroo. Great Dental Chew for gum and teeth health.

A great treat to give your puppy before you walk out the door to go to work.

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1 Review

Susan Rattray 4th Jun 2018

1kgm roo tendons

Delivery was I paid premium rates for these roo tendons I was disappointed they were significantly bigger with huge tags of tendon on the end...not at all like the photo.Allowing for significant variation in each pack each piece was much chunkier and therefore heavier than in the photo.fewer to the 1kgm pack I suppose.These are really suited for medium size dogs not small to medium as advertised

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