Kangaroo Tendons Dog Treat- 200g

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Kangaroo Tendons Dog Treats - 200g


Kangaroo Tendons are quite a long product with most ranging from 15-20 cm long and with bulbs at one the end.  Of course, variations may occur from time to time as Kangaroos are a wild animal and are not farmed in anyway.

They are 100% Australian Kangaroo all natural, single ingredient products. Containing no preservatives and no additives.

They are best suited for small to medium dogs as they will be fairly long lasting.

They are perfectly fine for a larger dog however they will consume this roo tendon product much quicker.

Kangaroo is one of the healthiest meats on the market and this product ticks all the boxes as a dog treat, and especially as a small dog treat, as it is low in fat and typically does not contain any bones (although shards can appear in rare occasions).

Kangaroo Treats are high in omega 3 and Zinc – perfect for a natural shiny looking coat and overall health and wellbeing. 

They are also great as a dental chew and truly helps with your puppies dental hygiene.

They help to aid healthy teeth and gums. 

Super healthy and All Natural Australian Pet Treat which is low in fat.  Your Puppies will love these awesome kangaroo dog treats!

Why not give them one of these as you walk out the door to keep them entertained?