Lamb Lung Cubes Dog Treats - 250g

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Lamb Lung Cubes Dog Treats- 250g. A great reward for Training Dogs and Puppies.


Lamb Lung Cubes are 100% Australian Lamb.

All natural, single ingredient product containing no preservatives, no additives and no added sugar.

These make a great quick snack or for training purposes. They are bite sized and best to be given as a Training Treat or reward for good behaviour.

The cube shaped nature ensure they will be consumed quickly so you can continue on with your training, or a snack, whilst you take a breather on that walk! 

Any sized dog will enjoy these however the larger the dog, the quicker they will disappear, and they are perfect for training Puppies about good behaviour.

These treats are air puffed making them super light and healthy for your dog.  Very low in fat but not too rich either.

Lamb Lung Cubes, or Puff cubes, which they can be referred as, are very light in weight yet quite firm to the touch.

A great product with great value.

A really healthy all natural dog treat.

As a guide pieces tend to be approx 3 cm cubed but there is variation in sizes because of the nature of the cut.