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Molasses Horse Bix - 100gm Horse Training Treat by Huds and Toke

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Molasses Horse Bix - Horse Treats - These are crunchy and are ideal for horse training - a little bit salty and a little bit sweet. Full of Oats, Molasses & Wheat - Great to use for clicker training - general training and especially used in positive training matter can gain you a huge bond with your horse to make your life easy.

Our horse treats are an all Australian Made Product.. of course these are made with Quality Human Grade Ingredients and with delicious, real Molasses!!!

Within our #hudsandtokefamily we have 16 horses - so these awesome horse treats have been tried and tested again and again - even passing our Off the Track Thoroughbreds (our fussy meters!!) first treat test!!

We are so happy with this product that we think you will be too..


Ingredients - Wholegrain Wheat, Oats, Rice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Real Molasses, Sugar, Salt


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1 Review

Karlee Stebbins 10th Jan 2018

Molasses Horse Bix

I absolutely loved this product! My horse is very fussy when it comes to treats but he honestly enjoyed these so much. He has finally started to cooperate when learning tricks and I will definitely be purchasing more!

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