Dog Enrichment – Why is it important?

Posted by Katrina Thorpe on 22nd May 2019

Dog Enrichment – Why is it important?

Having a dog can be great fun.

Everyone knows the importance of exercise for your dog to keep them fit and healthy; but did you know that mental stimulation is just as important?

Many studies have shown that providing your dog with enrichment not only improves their psychological well-being, but also their physical.

There are many types of enrichment which can benefit your dog, it is important that you provide at least something to keep your dogs brain healthy as well as their body. Some examples of enrichment are:

Social Enrichment

Socialisation with other animals, specifically dogs, is very important especially puppies. 

You may need to provide caution here if your dog isn’t a fan of other dogs, but if your pooch is friendly taking them out and about can help stimulate their mind, make new furr friends, and also ensure that they stay friendly with other animals. 

Socialisation can be anything from going to dog parks, trips to the beach, hanging out with other furr families, Puppy Parties (Huds and Toke Puppy Party Pack can help with that) and even the odd card game (he he....maybe not)!!!!!

Cognitive Enrichment

Cognitive enrichment allows for your doggo to use their brains and think about something, whilst being able to problem solve. Some examples of cognitive enrichment can be puzzle toys, hide and seek activities and sniffing nose work.

Feeding Enrichment

Huds and Toke Twinkle Toes

Most dogs love to eat and providing them a way to use their brains and get a yummy treat reward is a win-win situation for all involved, and a perfect opportunity to spoil them with Huds and Toke treats. 

Toys where your dog needs to get the food out, puzzle feeders, sniffer mats etc. all make great enrichment for your pooch. 

Another great feeding enrichment is stuffing some peanut butter into the end of a Twinkle Toe Cow Hoof!  That will keep them entertained for ages.

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