Unicorn Bath Horse Treats R&D?????

Soooo, it's been a long week and things at the Huds and Toke Pet Treat Factory can get a little FREAKY!!!

This is Jane doing some "R&D" on creating a Unicorn Bath to accompany our Unicorn Horse Treat Cookies.......

Crazy???  Yes......  Psychedelic Friday perhaps???

Yup.......  Jane's gone a little bit left of centre here......I think she needs a good weekend off!

But, lets face it, from little, crazy, things; big things grow!!!!

If the world wants awesome quality, innovative Gourmet Dog Treats and Gourmet Horse Treats then this is they type of stuff we have to do to get the best out of our Creative Pet Treat Artisans!!!!

They've got to be a bit crazy don't they!!!

Unicorn Gourmet Dog Treats by Huds and Toke

Have a great weekend everyone from the team @ Huds and Toke..........signing off after craziness!!!



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