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Huds and Toke Urban Roast Coffee Blend - 250g. Specialty Coffee for Coffee Lovers.


Huds and Toke is know for Premium Quality, World Class products....

We have now designed our very own Blend of Amazing Coffee called Huds and Toke Urban Roast Blend"!

We have a lot of passion for beautifully hand roasted coffee. Our special Huds and Toke Urban Roast Blend has been carefully crafted and blended from highly rated green beans, covering reputable growers and regions across the globe.

Huds and Toke Urban Roast Blend has full flavours of dark chocolates, toasted almonds are beautifully balanced with a deep, smooth finish. We invite you to come share in our wonderful journey.

Share the moment with your puppy or pony whilst they enjoy their cookie - especially crafted for them.

This gorgeous ground gourmet Coffee is Amazing as a black coffee or with your favourite type of milk.

100% Coffee.

Handcrafted and Made in Sunshine Coast, Australia.

You can get it as Roasted Beans or Freshly Ground.....

It's your choice.  But whatever the case.  If you love your coffee, you will love drinking this amazing Coffee.....  THe Huds and Toke team certainly do!!!


Enjoy a morning Cup of Coffee with your Pet while they enjoy a few Strawberry and Coconut Slice