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There is a healthy mix of Carrot, Turmeric, Beetroot, Apple and Corn all made with real fruit and veggies within these Horse Treats.

The team at Huds and Toke have created these Horse Training Treats specifically for Horses and Ponies with Special DIetary Requirements.  As such, they are Sugar Free and Salt Free.

Made with real Vegetables and Fruit, your ponies and horses will still come running for them.

They make a great Training Treat but also are a wonderful reward in the case you want to just show them how much you care.

It won't fill them up or interfere with a special diet.

They don't crumble or make a mess in your pocket.


100% Australian Made

NO Sugar

NO Salt

NO Artificial Preservatives

All Natural.


Ingredients - Whole Flour, Oats, Rice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Turmeric, Corn, Natural Colours


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    Horse treats

    Posted by Rachael on 2nd Nov 2021

    My two horses are normally quite suspicious of new flavours but they both immediately took to these horse treats. Definitely a big hit! And they don’t crumble in your pocket, even though they are light and hollow.

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    I don’t use any other

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2021

    I love love love these treats, and so do my horses. I use a positive (food) reward way of training, so I’m conscious that what I’m using isn’t loaded with sugar, but is still valued by my horses. These treats fit that need exactly! No added sweetness, and beautifully bite sized so I can reward as needed. My horses both love them too so they stay motivated.

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    • Veggie Horse Bix Horse Treats

    Posted by Donna Marie Newton on 3rd Mar 2021

    Another great reward for my horses. They love these for the treat ball as they tend to come out a little better being slightly smaller than the Molasses Treats. I like to use them when liberty training or just as a nice treat.

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    Veggie horse Bix Treats

    Posted by Sophie Popple on 20th Feb 2021

    Super good treats, every horse loves them. Super fast delivery and no hassle, came on time with no follow up. I would 100% order from them again!

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    Brilliant product!!

    Posted by Amy on 20th Jan 2021

    Perfect product for my laminitic-prone, combination EMS-Cushing Andalusian who gets visibly depressed when everyone else is allowed a carrot but not him (Imagine an almost Oprah "You get a carrot + You get a carrot + Oh but not you... so almost everyone gets a carrot" moment)
    Even the fussiest of Thoroughbreds will eat them (and our Airedale Terrier will roll over backwards for them too!)
    GREAT alternative if needing something with no sugar and won't break the bank

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    Posted by Aneshka on 6th Nov 2020

    Love these treats so much! They are an awesome training tool and great bribery for a very food driven horse!

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    Sugar free horse treats

    Posted by Nicole Gatt on 8th Aug 2020

    My pony loves these sugar free treats. Great to use in his treat ball.