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Veggie Tubes for Dogs - 1kg

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We have traditionally made these for horses - however our dogs have been going out of there way to steal them - they are tangy, crunchy and a great alternative to meaty treats.

NO FAT!! Great for dogs that are over weight or have weight related illnesses.

Great for dogs of all ages.

There is a healthy mix of Carrot, Tumeric, Beetroot, Apple and Molasses all made with real fruit and veggies!!

These are a completely vegetarian dog treats that all dogs will enjoy.

They do not crumble easily.

Great for Training too!!

Ingredients - Whole Flour, Oats, Rice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Tumeric, Molasses, natural food colour.


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2 Reviews

David Kovacic 29th Jul 2018

Veggie Tubes

Crunchy, and value for money. One of the best plant-based treats for dogs I've found in Australia.

David Warden 14th Oct 2017

Veggie Tubes

Love these veggie tubes, or should I say my dog Lizzie loves them. I use them for training without worrying to much about weight gains. Not me Lizzie.
Thanks H&T.............

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