Huds and Toke have proudly partnered with the Worlds Favourite Doughnuts - Krispy Kreme !!!!!

Together we have produced a range of limited edition Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnuts.  They are designed to look like the human doughnut you can get from one of their stores...... 

Like all of our awesome baked dog treats - our Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnuts have been made specifically for your dogs - with our all natural nutty hard cookie base and our famous carob and yoghurt frosting - so that they look the same as the human version but made especially for dogs, of course!!

So grab your Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnuts here and then drop into your local Krispy Kreme outlet (find them HERE), share a special moment with your dog.

And yes please share your photos of that Matchy Matchy moment!! @ Hudsandtoke #hudsandtokefamily