Kangaroo Dog Treats


100% Australian premium kangaroo dog treats, natural preservative free, promotes healthy teeth and gums, preservative free. Perfect for raw feeders

Our Kangaroo Dog Treats are definitely one of the more popular of our meaty dog treats and chews range. We have a huge variety of products available for your furrykids, that will have them.

The dogs love the gamey flavour of kangaroo products which really satisfies their olfactory senses aswell.

Kangaroo is naturally the leanest red meat. If your dog requires low fat treats due to pancreatitis or weight issues Kangaroo is a good option.

Kangaroo is high particularly in Iron and Zinc which are essential in helping to create red blood cells which aids in maintaining a healthy immune system, boosting your dogs overall energy and strengthening their coats and helping keep their paw pads strong and tough.

There are no many puppies that will turn away from the luring smell of Kangaroo Dog Treats.