The "Huds and Toke" Pet Treat Story – About Pets, Family ..........

and Dragons!!!




The "Huds and Toke" Pet Treat Story – About Pets, Family ..........

and Dragons!!!

Our whole goal is to encourage and foster the bond between yourself and your pet or horse to bring more joy and smiles.

We had to come up with a name that would resonate with our family and our values.

Huds and Toke is a story about Pets, Family, love …….. and Dragons!!!

The name Huds and Toke comes from two little boys named Arthur (5) and Barkeley (3).

Both Arthur and Barkeley love animals, and have two imaginary Pet Dragons whom follow them everywhere.

The names of these Pet Dragons are Huds and Toke…………

When the two boys were little, these dragons followed them everywhere.  They cared for them, and played with them, continually!

……….. And that’s where the business grew from…….

We saw the love these two little boys had for their pets…… Albeit  imaginary!

As a family, we also have a few pets…..  Real ones!

These include 2 dogs (named Pepper and Odin), Cookie the Corrella (Parrot), Indie and Falcon (Budgies), A LOT of FISH (some are 16 years old), and soon to be a horse.

Soooo, you could say that as a family, we love our pets, and we love each other.

That’s when, as Parents, we decided to design a business which involved the very things we, as people, love.  Animals and family!

 Today, Huds and Toke is a 100% family owned Australian Business which is recognised both Nationally and Internationally.

 As a family, we decided to go on a journey to design, create, and manufacture the absolute best Pet Treats that Australia can offer.

With this goal in mind, we spoke with animal nutritionists, practicing Veterinarians, and other food specialists to formulate a range of Pet Treats.

To this day, we now create Dog Treats, Horse Treats, Rabbit Treats, Guinea Pig Treats, Chicken Treats and Cat Treats.

Some people have referred to us as the “Heston Blumenthal” people of the Pet World!

So what if we are highly creative and a little bit crazy???

With the goal to manufacture these in our own purpose built facility here in Australia, we then set out to create a plant which was designed to only make these Pet Treats.

Since then, we have won multiple awards. 

These include, an “Innovation Award”, a “Business of the Year Award”, an individual “Businesswomen of the Year Award” (to Emma), plus winning a “Businesses of the Future Award” via one of the largest Banks in Australia, Westpac.

The journey has been exciting and to this day, Arthur and Barkeley come and work in the business (after school of course), with their Mum, Emma Gibbons and their Dad, Russell Gibbons, and accompanied by a dedicated team of Pet Treat professionals.

From a personal perspective, Emma Gibbons, Business Owner (and full time mother) holds an Associate Diploma in Applied Science majoring in Animal Nutrition and Production.

Russell Gibbons, husband to Emma, holds an Associate Diploma in Applied Science majoring in Stock Feed Manufacturing; A Bachelor of Business majoring in Agribusiness; and also holds a Masters Of Professional Accounting.

So we feel we make a good team supported by a fair amount of knowledge.

All our Huds and Toke Brand Pet Treats are made within our facility based on the Sunshine Coast where the Air is Clean, the Water is clear, and the beaches stretch for kilometres.

Every Pet Treat is designed specifically for the animal it is made for with natural ingredients and are made to the highest quality.

Your pets will love you for giving them Huds and Toke Pet Treats………  We invite you to try them and share your photos with us whilst your fur baby enjoys their Treat.

Thank-you for your support from all the Huds and Toke Family.

The rest of the story is still being written……..with the whole family being the authors!

We invite you to Join our journey…….and join our family!