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Bulk Box - Little Doggy Donuts 40pce

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Little Doggy Donuts - 40 pack - Gourmet Box.


A Box of donuts just like you get from those popular donut shops - but soooo much better - and a lot less fat!!

These donut shaped Gourmet Dog treats which will see any tail wag with joy. The Gourmet Box has 40 little donut treats so that you can share with your doggy friends or keep the whole box as a regular treat for your own puppy........they will love you for it. A specially formulated nutty biscuit is baked and then covered in decadent Carob or Yoghurt Frosting with colourful sparkles sprinkled over the top for extra fun. You get a mix of flavours and colours. So good it will make you want one.

Our frosting is set hard and will not melt - so a great treat to give inside without the smudge.

Our Donuts are quite a hard biscuit so they are devoured slowly and enjoyed for a longer period of time - they also provide dental benefits.

100% Australian made with no artificial preservatives or sugar added.


Ingredients - Whole Grains Flour, Vegetable Oil, Peanut Butter, Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Yoghurt Frosting.




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1 Review

Danielle Le Marseny 6th Jul 2019

Doggy donuts

We own a cafe on a dog off lead beach, and we have lots of dogs visiting us. We have had the donuts for a week now, and our furry friends love them. The owners are all delighted that they are healthy.

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