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Carob and Yoghurt Sparkles - 5pce

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Carob & Yoghurt Sparkles - 5pce.

A biscuit with Peanut Butter mixed through it then deliciously covered in Carob or Yoghurt NO MELT Frosting, it is great value. With loads of sprinkles added for the fun of it.

A decadent treat to show them how much you care.

Even mix it up a bit and make your own amazing Gourmet Dog Treat with these cool Sparkle Cookies.  Check out the simple Recipies here

Australian Made Gourmet Dog Treats.

No Added Sugar, Salt or Artificial Preservatives.

Ingredients - Whole Grains Flour, Whole Egg, Peanut Butter, Beef Stock, Liver Meal, Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Yoghurt Frosting - Spinkles and Decorations.

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1 Review

16th Feb 2017

Pug over the moon!

Humphrey the pug loved his carob sparkles!
Gone that quickly will definitely need to get him more.
Great treat to spoil your loved ones.

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