Huds and Toke Media and Awards


For a new exciting innovative business we have had a lot of media attention - we think it is because we actually really care about what our end users, your (and our) pets want and enjoy!!

Huds and Toke - "Creating Awesome Memories".



Krispy Kreme Doughnuts have partnered with Huds and Toke Dog Treats to bring to market their first Krispy Kreme Inspired Doggie Doughnut range made by Huds and Toke.


Media so far is fantastic:


Huds and Toke Pet Treats are partnering with the Queensland Government.

Huds and Toke are continuing their USA expansion strategy with the help of Trade and Invest Queensland

After a torrid time with COVID-19 hitting just as Huds and Toke expanded into the USA a few years ago, we had to withdraw from the market because of logistic issues.  

Whilst we were gone, the company was still receiving emails from those customers we did get as to when we will be returning to North America.

As such, now is a better time to revisit this expansion strategy and with the help of TIQ the chance of success is greatly increased.


Huds and Toke Expanding into the USA - 2019:

Huds and Toke are now expanding the brand into the exciting USA pet market and taking their world class Horse Treats and Gourmet Dog Treats to North America.

As such, Huds and Toke were featured in this article discussing their business and their plans.


Throomers is an exciting publication with a vibrant, and extensive community supporting it and we felt privileged that they wanted to feature the business in their well read publication.



Huds and Toke as one of the 100 Faces of Business in Queensland - 2018/2019

One of the founders of Huds and Toke, Russell Gibbons, discussing the start-up journey and being in a small, yet growing, business.


See the interview with the Queensland Government here for their 100 faces of Queensland Businesses.



 February 2018 - Japanese Yen For Pet Treats Opens up Lucrative market - Courier Mail

This recent article illustrates the demand for Gourmet Dog Treats in global locations.....  NOT just in Australia.  Huds and Toke gourmet dog treats are being sold all over the world giving the business global awareness but also 

proving that these Gourmet Pet Treats are absolutely world class.....  The team at Huds and Toke have made such big efforts to create some of the highest quality products in world and are able to showcase this becasue of our NO MELT Coating.


September 2017 Luxury pet food puts Huds and Toke on the global map

This is an article recently written in "The Australian" which highlights our business entering new markets.  

As a business we are super proud to be taking Australian made products to the rest of the world.  


There is also this article on the Trade Invest Queensland site also highlighting Huds and Toke exporting into new markets.  



August 3rd: Huds and Toke Pet Treats expand into Japan

Huds and Toke announced to the pet lovers of Japan that they can now get Huds and Toke Gourmet Pet Treats in Japan. 

We are now selling via the Amazon and Rakuten platforms online and we can have our products delivered within a day.

This is a link to the recent Press Release which was sent to the media outlets of Japan.

Huds and Toke are supplying a range of Gourmet Dog Treats as well as a range of Gourmet Rabbit Treats with a view of expanding this range into the Horses of Japan and more dog treat products as we evolve within this market.


June 2017

Earlier this week Huds and Toke hosted a morning tea with the Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business, Hon Leanne Enoch


It was a very special event for us and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Minister and had a lot of fun showing her through our business and seeing how we, as a business, are growing.


With this in mind, we have announced that we are now begining to export our Australian made gourmet dog treats and Pet Treats into the Japanese market.  This is very exciting and we appreciate thoroughly all the support the Queensland Government has forwarded us.

Check out some of the articles which we were featured in recently.

Thank-you for your support.




 MAY 2017

Recently the Huds and Toke Team were honoured to win a prestigious business award sponsored by the Westpac Banking organisation.

Huds and Toke were one of the winners of “The Businesses of Tomorrow” Award.


 11th April 2017

Check out this great article by Zookie.

A really good article about who we are and what Huds and Toke the business is all about.


 4th April 2017

Huds and Toke have been awarded an innovation recognition as an Innovative Queensland Business by the Queensland Government.


The Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business, The Honourable Leeanne Enoch MP,

Huds and Toke are excited to have been given this recognition publicly and look forward to continue moving forward with the development of our business and push the innovative boundaries, with the support of the Queensland Government, into new markets and continue to Innovate and serve the National, and international, world of Pets, including Horses, the Best Australian Made Pet Treats, Dog Treats and Horse Treats we have to offer.


 16 JANUARY 2017

The Owner of Huds and Toke was featured in one of the most widely read, and widely distributed, publications in Australia.

Check out the Article in the TAKE 5 MAGAZINE.  


This is a National magazine and we are proud to be featured in it.

Great national coverage for Australian Made Horse Treats and Gourmet Dog Treats. 


 25 October 2016

Check out this article about Huds and Toke Pet Treats, being distributed by Active Pet Products serving some amazing cafes.


22nd August 2016

This week was a  large week for Huds and TOke from a media perspective..........  Not only was it my Birthday, Russell Gibbons, but we also had an article and radio interview go a tad viral.


Check it out was National Article in the ABC Rural News.


It's a another great illustration of what we at Huds and Toke are doing to push the innovative boundaries of the Pet Treat Industry and trying to come up with better ways of developing awesome products for our favorite pets of the world.

Make sure you have a read and check out the Video as well.


16th August 2016


We have recently been written up in the Tech Street Journal about our plans for the future and compared to being the Heston Blumenthal,

Celebrity Chef and Owner of The Fat Duck Restaurant, of the dog world.

This is an awesome article which really does portray some of the things we are trying to achieve.  To be likened to Heston Blumenthal is amazing and whilst he is an absolute legend in human culinary experiences, we like to think that he creates art........As do we.

We truly believe in creating awesome memories with the use of our treats and that's why we put sooooo much effort in.


Have a read here.


2nd August 2016


Check out what Russell Gibbons hand to say at a recent presentation at the University of the Sunshine Coasts Innovation Center.  

The Innovation Demo Day was all about Businesses on the Sunshine Coast highlighting some of their amazing Innovations they have developed and Huds and Toke Pet Treats are no different...

They have developed some amazing technologies which they use to ensure we can create the most innovative, highest quality Dog Treats and Horse Treats Australia has to offer!!!!

Think "The Heston Blumenthal" of the Pet World!


20th July 2016

Check out the Huds and Toke Article about one of the 9 food businesses on the Sunshine Coast taking part in the Innovation Demo Day!!!





Huds and Toke Give a handsome amount to help the Detection Dogs of the Unviersity Of the Sunshine Coast a helping hand to save our Koalas and other Native Australian Wildlife. 


October 2014

- Profile Mag - Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network Awards - Winner's Profile Lunch
Emma Gibbons - Winner of Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year Award 2014 - Small Business Category


2014 - Business Matters Publication - Local Success Section

Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network Winners - their stories and their 'Why'

August 2014 - My Weekly Preview Publication

Sunchine Coast Business Women's Network Awards Feature

9th April 2013 - Article in Sunshine Coast Daily - Queensland  

Russell Gibbons (Huds and Toke Marketing & Sales) had the opportunity to go to China with our local council delgation as a small business representative. His trip included research into the market potentional in China for our 100% Australian Made Huds and Toke Products. 

CLICK HERE for the full article


18th May 2013 - Article in a multitude of newspapers nationally -

with regards to Mark Gooley - Head of Production - having one of the oddest jobs - test tasting the Huds and Toke treats for Quality assurance - made from human grade ingredients -"IF you wouldn't put it in your mouth, don't you dare expect your dog to eat it." - since this article he has become somewhat of a superstar to all dog and animal lovers out there.

We all agree that it is our passion for animals that allows us to be creative and have fun producing quality AUSTRALIAN made products!!

CLICK HERE for the full article



Russell did a brilliant job of pitching our Huds and Toke business and our innovative ideas accross to the panel of 10 judges as well as a broader audience.We are so excited to have more services and support at our finger tips to get our Love of Animals and our healthy treats out there to all of the Dogs and Horses of Australia!!We are really looking forward to working the the sponsers that donated their time as the prize... we will keep you posted!!

Huds and Toke - Innovation Prize

CLICK HERE for the full article

CLICK HERE for the YouTube Video of the win 


To hear the "Drive" ABC radio interview with Russell on 26 July 2013 - CLICK HERE


WAHOO!! We have won our second award!! For innovative business on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. It is fantastic to be recognised for all of the hard work we are putting into our brand and products from the ground up. We are passionate about our Australian Made training treats and being the creators of the first and favourite Australian Made Training Horse Treats. We have so many exciting products in the pipeline for introduction soon. Our dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds and rescue horse & sponsered horses are all being spoilt with taste testers constantly. A massive thank you to our amazing team here at Huds and Toke, we have a great time, laughing and enjoying our days even while we work. I guess thats what being creative is all about. Keeps the ideas flowing...