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Chicken Sticks Puppy Treats - Short (13cm) - 25 piece.

These Dog Treats feature a soft, meaty texture that even the fussiest dog will love.

Made with all natural, 100% Australian Chicken, these treats are rich in protein and are easily broken into smaller pieces which make for ideal Puppy Training Treats to improve behaviour or simply for everyday treating.

These Chicken Sticks can be given to your dog or puppy whole, or broken into smaller pieces.  If given whole, it makes a great supplement to it's normal dog food and will keep them going for hours because of the high protein content.



  • Soft, meaty texture that makes them ideal for everyday rewards or Dog training purposes.
  • 100% Australian made from premium Chicken.
  • Ideal for any size Dog.
  • Great for Pet Dogs with Sensitive teeth or puppies with soft teeth as well as Older Dogs with aged teeth.