Beating the Summer Heat With Your Horses!

Posted by Katrina Thorpe; Kelsie Wolfenden on 8th Jan 2020

Beating the Summer Heat With Your Horses!

Your Horses Need To Be Cared For During this Very Hot Summer.....

We all know that Summer in Australia can be brutal! 

This one has been particularly nasty so far......  and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the horrible Bush Fires......

However, there are many areas around Australia which are not affected by the Bush Fires but still affected by the heat....

We have some of the harshest conditions around, which means that we have to actively make sure that we are looking after our pets, especially those who primarily are outside for most of the time.

Unlike us, our ponies can’t beat the heat by coming inside into the aircon!  

However, there are a few key things that you can do to help minimise the effects of the heat:

1.  Shade

Your number one priority is shade, it is extremely vital in ensuring that your pony staying cool and out of direct sunlight. If your horse doesn’t have access to shade, you would need to check them more frequently to make sure that they are ok. 

2.  Fresh Water

Fresh Water is another vital component to ensure that your pony doesn’t suffer in the heat. This is especially important if your pony doesn’t have access to shade, as they will most likely be drinking more. 

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3.  Pick up Poo Regularly

With the heat, brings the flies. You need to be picking up your horses’ poo, at the very minimum, at least once a week. This will help break the cycle of worms. 

4.  Protected from flies

Make sure your horses are well protected from flies. Investing in a fly mask or a light rug is a great way to do this, but also help protect them from the sunshine. Flies also bring lots of diseases, so make sure you are regularly checking your pony for any health problems, especially eyes. 

5.  Grooming

Make sure you are grooming your pony more frequent in the hotter weather, including brushing and washing. 

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Not only is it a great way to keep them cool, but a great bonding exercise as well. 

And remember to give your ponies some delicious Huds and Toke Horse Treats to make the experience that much better. 

The other thing to consider in extreme heat, is do your ponies need those rugs on?  

We know there is a lot going on at the moment but take as much care as you can for your ponies.....  They are wonderful companions and they deserve to be cared for.

The team at Huds and Toke hope that this has given you some ideas or perhaps inspiration?

Thanks so much for keeping up with the Huds and Toke family! 

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Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or thoughts and by all means, go and re-stock your Pet Treat stash at our store considering the Christmas festivities are now over...

Lots of love,

The Huds and Toke Family

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