Chocolate is Great for Us........NOT FOR DOGS!!!

I often get asked from our customers, about the difference between Carob and Chocolate and why Chocolate is bad for dogs…..

Pet Treats made with CAROB is safe

Considering Easter is upon us, and there is chocolate everywhere we look, I thought now is a good time to discuss this issue.

SO……Why is Chocolate so bad????  Go to this link to find out all the answers.

But if you don't want to get too detailed, put simply, our puppies can't process a naturally occurring compound, called Theobromine, which is found in Chocolate.

It doesn't really worry us unless we consumed a ridiculous amount, but our beloved dogs will get very ill if they eat it.

The Good news is that Carob, known as a Chocolate Substitute, is perfectly fine for our furry friends to eat.  

Carob is safe for pets to eat

Everything which is made by Huds and Toke, and looks like Chocolate, is in-fact made with Carob.  Huds and Toke NEVER use chocolate, or sugar for that matter, whilst making any Gourmet Dog Treats.

Carob is actually originally from the Mediterranean.  It is a tree which bears it's fruit in the way of seed pods.  It is the seeds within these pods which is ground up and forms the Carob.

It looks like Chocolate, but in-fact, it IS NOT Chocolate.  It does NOT have added sugar, or added fats.

Carob and Yogurt Gourmet Dog Treats

Sooo.... dogs are able to eat it and actually enjoy it.  Throw in some Yogurt based treats, and you have doggy heaven!!!

AS LONG as the Dog Treats you buy are actually made specifically for dogs!!!  Like the Huds and Toke products. 

That's because if they are designed for dogs, the ingredients shouldn't have any added sugar, preservatives or chocolate.

Further to this, the biscuit base should not be a short bread.  Short Bread biscuits are high in sugar and fats.

To be sure, if it's not Huds and Toke, make sure it is Australian Made.  Apart from supporting solid Australian Businesses; you have a far better chance of getting the quality you seek if you buy Australian from a Pet Treat perspective.

Anyway, the thing to remember is:

1.  Chocolate will harm your Puppy.... no matter what the age!

2.  Carob Pet Treats will give your puppy a massive smile and WILL NOT give them a sore tummy!!!!

Have a great week and please feel free to contact us should you need further information about Chocolate or about Carob.

All the best from the team @ Huds and Toke.


Gourmet Pet Treats

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