Fashion for Horses can also be Functional for Horses!

Fashion for Horses can also be Functional!!!

Zebra print and Giraffe Print are always exciting prints to have on your clothes in the ward Robe…..

Zebra Prints for Fashionable Horses

They are also fashionable with Horse Rugs!!!!

But there has been some recent studies that show these types of prints can actually protect your horse as well as making them look good too……

Recently there was a team of scientists out of the University of California, who have done some studies of the Zebra pattern and Giraffe Pattern.  

Their findings were published with the lead researcher being Dr Tim Caro.

Prior to this study, it has always been assumed that a Zebra and Giraffe had their particular patterns simply for camouflage to ensure large predators couldn’t see them easily, and also a way of showing other Zebras and Giraffes their individual identities…… each pattern is different like our finger prints….. 

However this seems not to be the case anymore…….. or at the very least, there is another reason for these bold, and interesting patterns.

How does this relate to our pet ponies???? 

Well, the research has shown that the patterns may, indeed, protect them against flies and the nasties they bring with them!

You see, flies have what is called compound eyes. This means they see in quite low resolution, and it relies on movement quite a lot to actually see..

As such, they see the world a lot differently to us.

Hence, it has been proven that when a fly come close to a Zebra, or a horse in a Zebra Print Rug, it can’t seem to land, so the flies will always veer away at the last minute, or in many cases, actually hit the animal and fall to the ground…..

The pattern is actually confusing the flies. This confusion, prevents the flies from landing……

So the patterns are creating an optical illusion which totally confuses the flies…… Amazing…..

In the tests, they found that these flies would not land on the parts of the horse with the patterns, but if the horse didn’t have the patterns on it’s head…… well, that seemed to be fair game!!!!

Horse Training Treats

So, you could consider dressing your pony up in a fashionable Zebra Print, whilst at the same time, protecting it from being bitten by horse flies, and any other flies for that matter…..  Just make sure you kit it out with a matching pattern head gear.....  otherwise that's where the flies will go to!

Who would have thought one could be fashionable and functional!

Just like our Horse Treats I suppose.....  they are super fashionable and functional.....  

With this in mind, if you need some more Horse Training Treats or dog treats in general, please feel free to contact us.  

Have a great day and I hope this gives you something interesting to ponder…..

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