Huds and Toke Gourmet Pet Treats Helping Community Organisations

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 27th Sep 2019

Huds and Toke Gourmet Pet Treats Helping Community Organisations

We at Huds and Toke spend quite a lot of time and energy helping community organisations around Australia.

AND, we love it.  

We believe that it's in everyone's interest to encourage well functioning and successful community clubs.

Australian Made Horse Treats

There are so many benefits to these organisations and they are vital to our communities everywhere...... We believe it's better to be outside playing with our pets, whatever they are, than inside on a screen.....

Huds and Toke assist all types of clubs with products for prizes including:

  • Pony Clubs -                   Horse Treats
  • Cavey Clubs -                 Small Animal Treats
  • Rabbit Clubs -                Rabbit Treats
  • Equestrian Clubs -        Horse Treats
  • Mini Horse Clubs -       Horse Treats
  • Dog Breed Clubs -        Dog Treats
  • Other Charities and Shows etc........

And the list goes on.

Recently we received this letter acknowledging our efforts.  

It's always wonderful to get recognised but we do it because we enjoy it and we like contributing, albeit in a minor way, to helping our clubs being, remaining, or striving to be successful.

Further to this, we feel that if we can encourage people to spend more time outside with their pets, whatever they are, and thus "creating awesome memories", we can encourage people to be more positive out there within our community.

Huds and Toke Helping AMHS

Congratulations to the Australian Miniature Horse Society - Queensland Branch for your successful event.

We are really happy to have helped and even more glad to hear that our Horse Treats, which we donated, were all well received.

Keep up the good work.

As always, Huds and Toke are happy to have been involved.

If you would like us to contribute to your club, feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.  

We can't promise to help every single club, or maybe we can, because we have certain limits as a family owned business, however we can discuss your thoughts and see if we can be involved.....

It's always worth asking!!!!

Have a great weekend with your pets and horses and be positive.... it's a beautiful world with lots of good things happening......

Share those adventures with us on our socials and be sure to contact us if you need some awesome Australian Made Pet Treats for your fur babies....



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