Inspiration - Where do we get it from???

Inspiration- Where do we get it from?

We are so lucky at Huds and Toke to be able to set our imagination loose and let the creative juices flow when we are creating our world renowned Gourmet Pet Treats. 

Sometimes this can get a bit messy, but we’re always excited to decorate our dog treats in a way our mother’s never let us get away with in our youth. Whether it’s galaxy themed donuts or sprinkles galore, we’re always trying new things to make our products look unique and delicious.

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Inspiration can sometimes be a bit elusive..... so how do we keep decorating our products in new and exciting ways? 

Personally, I always find inspiration from my amazing co-workers. 

They are a gold mine of kooky, crazy, and fun ideas. 

We also get inspired by the sprinkles we use. We’re always on the lookout for fun new sprinkles and decorations as they offer exciting decorating possibilities. Rainbow sprinkles? How about multi coloured doggy donuts? Unicorn sprinkles? How about a pastel colour scheme to really make them pop? Even just a new shade of colouring can spark ideas about fun new combinations.

While we’re all a super creative bunch, sometimes we do get a bit stumped and our creative flare peters out a touch! When that happens, we like to turn to external sources to try re-ignite that creative spark.

Sometimes it’s not the decorations, or other bakers we get inspiration from.

Sometimes we’re inspired by what we can find around us. We’ll often try using basic kitchen utensils in wacky ways just to see what might happen. Sometimes these unconventional methods turn out really well—like when we swirl a skewer through some frosting to make a gorgeous marble effect—and, sometimes they don’t.

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Other times we will get inspiration from our own pets and dogs......  we love animals just like you guys do and when we see them, so many good things happen....

That’s all part of the creative process though, and at Huds and Toke we’re always up for giving something a good crack.

If someone says “Hey! Let’s try this weird and wacky idea” we’ll give it a go, cause you never know what just might work.

Thanks so much for keeping up with the Huds and Toke family!

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We love hearing from you guys, so if you have any cool decorating ideas you want to see us try, let us know. Just tag us @HudsandToke on our socials so we can see.

Until next time,

Lots of love,

The Huds and Toke Family



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