Posted by Katrina Thorpe; Russell Gibbons on 21st Oct 2019


Rewarding your pets with food can be a great way to create a close bond with them,to train them, and also keep them entertained. 

There are many types of Pet Treats out there but there are two groups we put them into.  

1. Long Lasting Pet Treats and; 

2. Short Lasting Pet Treats.

Lets take a quick look at these individually shall we?

Long Lasting Pet Treats:

Long lasting chews are an excellent option if you are leaving them alone for a long period of time. 

When left alone, many pets can become bored, anxious and mischievous.....  All these traits seem, to go hand in hand with tearing things in the yard, and/or home, up!!!

Gourmet Pet Treats

A Long Lasting Pet Treat will allow your pet to have something to keep their mind occupied on. Something that doesn’t involve destroying your yard or ripping something apart (especially if they are young).

Also, if the treat is long lasting, it means that your pet can actually enjoy the moment and enjoy the tastes and the sensations the Pet Treat actually gives them in their mouth.

Typically, a long lasting treat is quite firm, dry, and hard.  Even the Gourmet Baked Treats at Huds and Toke are designed to be hard so that your Dog, or Horse, will take it's time and enjoy the overall experience.

Just because a treat is hard though doesn't mean it will be bad for the mouth.  Once the saliva glands become activated, with both Gourmet Dog Treats and Meat Treats, these products are designed to slowly soften.

One must also remember that animals creating more saliva than us humans and their mouths are also hardier than ours.  
So remember, as you pet chews on the pet treat, the taste and smell activates the saliva glands and thus the Saliva starts to soften the treat and your pet will enjoy eating it's reward.

The Huds and Toke Twinkle Toes are a great example of a long lasting dog treat, as are some of our Gourmet Baked treats or the Bull Chews in the Meat Treat range.

Twinkle Toes Dog Treats - Cow Hooves with Frosting

Short Lasting Pet Treats:

Short Lasting Chews are ones which are great for training.  That is, they are used for giving a reward whilst on the move so you don't want them to settle in and get a chew on!!!

This goes for Horses as well as Dogs.

A short lasting Pet Treat will give them a burst of flavour, which imprints in their mind and thus gives them a correlation to a particular activity, or behaviour, and a reward....  Thus encouraging them to repeat that task to recieve another reward.

Typically, a short lasting pet treat is small and bursting with flavour.  They are designed to be consumed quickly and to be big in taste....

Our fish, chicken, croc and beef bites are the perfect size for your pooches to learn and are a perfect example of a Short Lasting Treat!

Little Chicken Bites - Gluten Free Dog Treats

They are not only delicious but are also wheat free, so excellent for your doggo – how good is that?

The Horse Bix Range is a great example of a Short Lasting Horse Training Treat as well.  These are designed with NO Artificial Preservatives or Colours and designed with a shape which is hollow to protect against any such choking hazard whilst at the same time provide a sensory crunch while being eaten.  

This will ensure they come back for more because of the burst of flavour they get in a short amount of time so that they can keep on with their tasks!

At Huds and Toke we have tried to come up with fun and unique ways to ensure that treating your pet is not only enjoyable but also healthier than other treats out there in the marketplace.

As I mentioned before, treats are a great way to train your furry family member. Whether you have a dog, horse or even a cat, chances that they are food oriented are pretty high, which makes treats a perfect solution to teaching them manners or even some fun tricks.

Horse Bix come in molasses, carrot, turmeric and apple and are proven to work when training horses to do basic commands but also more complicated tasks and fun ones – Have you ever seen a horse smile? It’s pretty cool.

Horse Training Treats

Not to be left out, we sell a number of small animal treats for your cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. 

They deserve to be treated just like other pets..... Plus, they respond to treats favourably as well...

We love spoiling our animals and we know that you do too.

It is important to remember that whilst it is easy to get carried away, our products are intended as treats only and it is important that your animals have access to clean water at all times.

We would love to see the tricks that your animals get up to using Huds and Toke Treats, remember to tag us @hudsandtoke. We hope you enjoy Creating Awesome Memories with your animals, just like we do with ours.

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Until next time,

Lots of love,

The Huds and Toke Family



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