Should I Celebrate Halloween with my Dog and Halloween Dog Treats?

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 19th Sep 2017

Should I Celebrate Halloween with my Dog and Halloween Dog Treats?

Halloween is just around the corner......  So lets celebrate the fun with Halloween Dog Treats and your Pet Dog!!!

Creepy Cookies Dog Treats

Halloween dates back over 2000 years ago and can be traced to a festival the celts, whom lived in mondern day Ireland, the British Isles and Northern France, celebrated.

Without going into too much detail, it is essentially a ritual which celebrated the end of the harvest and the beginning of Winter.

Of course, this is for the Northern Hemisphere folk!

In Australia, it is the end of Winter and the start of summer.......  But I digress!  

The Celts New Year began on November 1.

With the Harvest being over and the long cold dark winter begining, they believed that this date blurred the realms of the living and the dead.  

This belief is thought to have existed becasue winter was a time associated with darkness, cold, death and hardship.

With the line blurred between the living and the dead, the Celts believed that spirits were able to come back to roam the earth as they please and either wreak havoc on crops not yet harvested or, alternatively, assist the Celtic Priests, know as Druids, to see the future and guide the Celtic families through the hard winter.

Moving forward a bit, the ritual came to North America via immigrants in the nineteenth century whom bought their beliefs with them.

The term "Halloween" actually is a shortening of "All Hallows Eve" which is the evening BEFORE the New Year or, as the Pope Gregory III from the eightennth Century decided, All Saints Day (Nov 1) which was to honour dead Saints and Martyrs.....

Now Halloween is a massive occasion, both in North America, and here in Australia.  

Approximatley 1 in 5 Australians will be celebrating Halloween this year according to Brian Walker, a retail analyst.

In the US, approximatley 41.2 million childeren will go trick or treating.........

Further to that, it's one of the businest time for pet costumes with over $300million being spent just on Halloween!!!

So why don't we join in the fun???

It's now no longer the time for doom and gloom..... It's now all about and excuse to roam the streets in your neighbourhood and have fun with your community........

It's clear from the stats that Australians are starting to really embrace the celebration with not only 1 in 5 people celebrating halloween, but it's increasing 15% year on year with regards to the sales in the major supermarkets!

ARE YOU getting into the spirit???

Huds and Toke can help by providing you with some fun Dog Treats for your scary pooch......or for your neighbourhoods dogs if they happen to be Trick-or-Treating.

We offer both the Creepy Cookies as well as our new Freaky "Fake" Blood Splattered Bones.

Freaky Blood Splattered Halloween Dog Treats

The Creepy Cookies are a great partner to the Freaky Bloody Bones.......Together they will make a fun Halloween Dog Treat Trick-or-Treat pack....

Creepy Cookies Halloween Dog Treats

So the only question left is........  Are you and your puppies going to join in the fun on October 31st.....Halloween.

If you do celebrate, make sure you take some awesome photos with your puppies and your Halloween festivities....

Tag us in on your socials to show off your pooches....  we would love to see those happy puppy snaps.

Feel free to let us know if you would like to get some Halloween Dog Treats.....

If not, that's all good.  But if you felt you needed any other treats for your pets, please contact us.

Have a great week and thank-you from all the team @ Huds and Toke.


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