Walking with your Dog is totally Underrated!!!!

Walking With Your Dog is Totally Underrated!

Those of us who have dogs know the importance of taking them for a walk…… But do we understand the benefits it has for us as well?

Walking is a really good, low impact, exercise……. And made even better if one has their trusty pooch by their sides!

Firstly, your Puppy gets YOU moving!

Why is this so important, well, did you know, that it has been recommended by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) that you need at least 2 ½ hours of moderate exercise per week to maintain health….

So taking a dog for a brisk walk simply gets you out the door and moving towards this target.

If you have a dog, there is the incentive to stop sitting and start walking because it’s good for them, good for you and awesome fun!!!

Don’t forget the Dog Treats so you can have a bit of fun on the way and reward them for being such a good friend!

Secondly, walking can provide similar benefits to your health as does running!

In a scientific study published in the AHA Journals peer reviewed website, indicates that “Equivalent energy expenditures by moderate (walking) and vigorous (running) exercise produced similar risk reductions for hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, and possibly CHD.”

This means, taking your dog for a brisk walk can be of high value to the prevention of some nasty conditions!!!

Thirdly, walking with your dog is easier on your body than other exercise!

Walking is a really low impact exercise. This means it is gentle on your bones and joints……regardless of your age!

Even with a brisk, determined walk, you are more likely to protect yourself from injury better than other high intensity exercises….. but remember, you still need to get that heart rate up and keep it there.

But that just means you have to walk a bit longer with your puppy…….how good is that!

That’s the other thing to remember, apart from it hurting, we don’t want to injure ourselves because of the very fact we do have a dog which will need to be walked regardless of your injuries…..

Fourth, it’s awesome for getting you thinking!

Walking gets those creative juices flowing……. And it’s not anecdotal either….. it’s scientifically supported!

Don't forget to think about your fashion though!!!!!

On a more serious note, a published scientific study by a Doctorial Graduate at Stanford University in the USA determined that “walking improves the generation of novel yet appropriate ideas, and the effect even extends to when people sit down to do their creative work shortly after.”

So for those of us who get stumped on problems often, the answer is simple, and back by science…… go for a walk and you are more likely to come up with some creative answers…..

So walking with your puppy dog can actually help you with work or other might allow you to come up with that one idea which you really need……

In-fact, going for a walk just might allow you to come up with a million dollar idea……..

Fifth, and most importantly, it MAKES YOU HAPPY!

There are numerous studies out there which shows the mental benefits of having a pet......  but put all that aside, walking your dog gives you so much joy because you see how happy it makes them.

Being pack animals, they love hanging out with their owners, and, as it turns out, we love hanging out with them as well.....  The more time we spend with them the stronger our bonds with them become.

Walking with our dogs simply makes us happy.....  and when we are happy, we are a great version of ourselves, and good things come from that......

Whatever the case, walking with your dog has so many benefits not only for your pooch but also for you….. and these are backed by science…….

So don’t underestimate how important it is for our physical and mental health………

What are you waiting for…… get moving….. you will be happier for it!!!!

Just remember to have some Gourmet Dog Treats at home to show them how much you appreciate their company…… They really do deserve it!

I thought about this because I walk with my dogs every morning, and was thinking about all the good things it does for me….. so I thought I would do some basic research and share my thoughts.

I hope this gives you some inspiration..... and remember, tag us into your outside adventures with your pets....  use our socials to share....  we love seeing you guys together!

Thank-you for your support from all the team @ Huds and Toke. 



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