Chicken Lolly - Hanging Chook Treats

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Because we love all animals we wanted to design a treat to keep one of feathered friends happy and entertained aswell.


The Chicken Lolly - Hanging Treat. (Its nickname is the Chicken Fascinator)

Made with lots of goodies to help promote beautiful coloured yoke and a healthy hen (or rooster).

These are designed to be hung within pecking reach so that they don't go soggy on the ground.. Packed full of all the things chickens love, lots of beautiful seeds and grains, rolled oats, shell grit, vitamins and minerals and apple cider vinegar, all combined in a ymmy mix of mollasses.

If this is a new idea - your chickens will be a little wary to begin with.. you can chip a bit off and give to them as a bit of incentive as well, either way it will entertain whilst they are looked in their coops.

A great way to enrich the enviroment of your feathered friend who gives back so much in quirky personalities and lots of yummy eggs!!

100% Australian Made