Cow Hooves Gourmet Dog Treats Recipe - Filled Twinkle Toes

Filled Twinkle Toes Cow Hoove Gourmet Dog Treats

(Entertains One Dog)



1 x Huds and Toke Twinkle Toes (Choose your favourite colour)

1 x Tablespoon Peanut Butter (no added salt or sugar)


Scoop the spoon of Peanut Butter from jar and with the spoon push the Peanut Butter to the end of the inside of the Twinkle Toe.. the further you can the Peanut Butter into the toe the longer it will take your dog to lick it out. 

Your favourite doggy friend will be entertained for hours licking the Yummy Huds and Toke No Melt Frosting from the outside and licking the Peanut Butter from the inside - not only that dogs love to chew the actual Twinkle Toe Dog Treat which releases Gelatin as well - so you are onto a healthy winner!!

This recipe can be repeated many times with the same Huds and Toke Twinkle Toe until chewed down.. or until you think you would like to see a fresh one in the back yard.. not all dogs can chew these dog treats completely.