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Dehydrated Natural Meat Dog Treats


100G, 1KG

Product Description

Treat your furry friend to the crunchy, light and airy texture of Australian Goat Lung, expertly dehydrated to preserve its natural flavour and nutrients. These treats aren't just delicious—they're also packed with a range of health benefits for your beloved pup.

Here are the lung-boosting benefits of our Goat Lung Puff treats:

Single Sourced Protein: Our Goat Lung Puff treats are made from a single source of protein, ensuring quality, consistency, and digestibility in every puff.

Low in Fat: Goat lung puffs are a low-fat treat option, making them perfect for dogs who need to watch their waistlines or have dietary restrictions.

High-Quality Protein: Despite their light texture, goat lung puffs are still rich in high-quality protein, essential for muscle development, repair, and overall canine vitality.

Vitamin-Rich: Packed with essential vitamins such as vitamin B12 and minerals like iron and zinc, our Goat Lung Puff treats support your dog's immune system, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Digestive Support: The light and airy texture of goat lung puffs makes them easy to digest, promoting a healthy gut and nutrient absorption in your pup.

Training Fun: These tasty treats are perfect for training sessions or as a reward for good behaviour, keeping your pup engaged and motivated.

Variety of Sizes: No matter the size of your pup, we've got you covered! Choose from our range of sizes, from petite pooches to the big, bouncy buddies.

With our Dehydrated Australian Goat Puff Dog Treats, every bite is a crunch of flavour, nutrition, and single-sourced protein. Treat your furry friend to the best of taste and health with Huds and Toke!

Here at Huds and Toke our aim is to create awesome memories with our beautiful Australian Made Natural and Hand Decorated Dog Treats.

This product is great for all sized dogs.

Product Size

Product size varies as it can be easily snapped in your fingers to the size that you require.


100% Australian Goat

Naturally air dried. No added preservatives, additives, or colours.

Typical Nutritional Analysis



Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fibre




ME (Metabolisable Energy)

442 kcal/100g

Product Shelf Life and Storage

Store in a cool, dry place, refrigeration not needed. Once opened store in an airtight container.

Refer to packaging for the best before date.

Product Usage

Dog Reward Treat, Instagram Prop, Dog Birthday Gifts, Dog Training.

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Meaty Dog Treats, Dog Birthday Treats, Gourmet Dog Treats.

Please Note

It's important to supervise your dog while they enjoy our treats and choose them based on their eating habits. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more details.

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