Lamb Puff Cat Treats - 50g

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Lamb Puff Cat Treats - 100g.  Flat Lamb Lung Healthy Cat Treats


Lamb Puff Cat Treats are 100% Australian Lamb.

These differ from the Lamb Lung Cubes by being more of a larger sheet like product which is flat.  It is a really Healthy Feline Treat.

It's designed like this so that you, as the Pet Parent, can break off any sized piece you like depending on what you are Treating your Kitty for and how much you want to feed them.

This product is light, low in fat and your furry friend will bend over backwards for it..

Great for training as you can break into smaller pieces.

Also a great treat to share with your cat!!

This is not a fatty treat.


100% Australian Lamb

All Natural

No Artificial Preservatives

All Meat Treat