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Little Beef Bites - 1Kg - Dog Training Treat

Specifically designed for dog training, with a light and easy one bite crunch that dogs keep coming back for more. 

Made with our unique process to produce a low fat, low salt, no guilt dog treat.  

Great for using in the boredom buster toys or treat toys.

Low in fat and Low in Salt - high in flavour - the dogs love this pet treat!!

This product is beef livered flavoured and is ideal as a puppy training treat or simply as a Dog Training Treat for all ages to reward good behavior. 

These are small little balls which gives your Dog a flavour kick but not enough to stop them from moving or impede behavior training.

Little Beef Bites will not make a mess in your pocket and are not greasy to touch.


100% Australian Made using real Beef Liver to give it a tantalizing kick!


Ingredients - Whole Flour, Whole Rice, Whole Oats, Apple Cider Vinegar, Australian Beef Liver, Carob Powder.


NO Artificial Preservatives.

NO Artificial Colours

NO Added Sugar or Salt