5 Ways To Use Horse Treats to Help giving Your Horse Supplements or Medicine.

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 21st Mar 2023

5 Ways To Use Horse Treats to Help giving Your Horse Supplements or Medicine.

Here are five ways to use horse treats to assist in administering supplements and medications to horses to help keep your pony Happy and Healthy!

Horse Training Treats

1.  Hide the supplement or medication in a treat.

Horse treats can be used to disguise the taste of supplements and medications that are unpalatable or bitter. 

Simply place the supplement or medication inside a treat, such as a Pony Pudding which is soft and juicy and offer it to the horse as a treat. 

The horse will be more likely to eat the treat and will consume the supplement or medication in the process.

Pony Puddings

2.  Offer a treat after administering medication.

After administering medication, offer the horse a treat as a reward. 

This can help to create a positive association with the medication and make future administrations easier. 

The treat can be a simple reward, such as a handful of oats, or a special treat that the horse particularly enjoys such as a Pretty Pony Doughnut.

Pretty Pony Doughnuts

3.  Use treats to distract the horse.

Some horses can become anxious or nervous during medication administration. 

Using treats as a distraction can help to calm the horse and make the process more pleasant. 

Offer the horse a Horse Bix Horse Treat to focus their attention while administering the medication.

From there, continue to offer treats as a reward afterwards and this will help train your pony similar to point number 2.

Horse Training Treats

4.  Crush supplements and mix them into treats.

For supplements that cannot be disguised inside a treat, such as powders or granules, crush them into a fine powder and mix them into a treat, such as molasses or honey. 

This can make the supplement more palatable and easier to administer. 

It is important to ensure that the horse consumes the entire treat to ensure that they receive the full dose of the supplement.

To help with this, we would suggest a Pony Pudding.  

5.  Use treats to help administer injections

For horses that are particularly sensitive to injections, offering a treat as a distraction can help to reduce anxiety and make the process less stressful. 

Offer the horse a treat before and after administering the injection.  

Make sure you use a longer lasting Horse Treat so that your pony can chew throughout the entire injection.  That way it has the enjoyment of the sensation of the Horse Treat whilst forgetting about the discomfort of the injection.

Always consult with a veterinarian before administering any supplements or medications to your horse, and follow their instructions carefully. 

We want your Pony to be a healthy Happy Horse not an unhappy naughty one!!!!

Additionally, be sure to choose treats that are appropriate for your horse's dietary needs and preferences.  Some diets are designed for a specific outcome and therefore it's important to be informed about the Horse Treats you either make or you purchase.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Huds and Toke team.  We are here to help and can assist you in choosing the best Horse Treat for your pony!

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