Christmas Traditions with your Pets.

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 30th Nov 2023

Christmas Traditions with your Pets.

There are many delightful traditions you can start involving your furry friend during the festive season! Here are a few heart-warming ideas:

1.  Pet-Friendly Stockings:

  • Create a special stocking for your dog, just like you would for other family members. Fill it with their favourite dog treats, toys, and perhaps a new collar or bandana.
  • Be sure to get the kids involved in this as they will love the excitement of thinking that Santa will be visiting their puppy as well as them!

2.  Christmas Walks:

  • Take your dog on a special Christmas-themed walk to admire the neighbourhood decorations or explore a nearby park adorned with festive lights.
  • Dress them up in a holiday-themed bandana or scarf for extra flair, and show the neighbourhood that you and your pooch are truly into the festive season….

3.  Holiday Photoshoot:

  • Capture the festive spirit by taking adorable holiday photos with your dog.
  • Dress them up in a Santa hat or reindeer antlers and snap some cute pics to commemorate the season.
  • Consider doing this with the rest of the family as something fun to do.
    • this could then become a gift or simply sit in the family room to remember the fun time you and your family had at Christmas with your dog/s

4.  Christmas Dog Treats:

  • Be sure to get some Christmas Themed Dog Treats from your local purveyor of such products.
  • Huds and Toke have some incredible Dog Treats available which are specifically designed for Christmas.
  • Place these Pet Treats under the tree as gifts so that when the present opening time comes, your puppy has some presents and can feel like they are part of the excitement.
  • Christmas Themed Pet Treats also make great presents for those loved ones who have everything but love their pets as though they are part of their family.

Christmas Dog Treats

5.  Dog-Friendly Gatherings:

  • If you're hosting or attending family gatherings, ensure your dog feels included.
    • Set up a cosy space with their bed and toys and water of course.
    • If your dog enjoys socializing, let them join in the celebrations (while keeping an eye on their comfort levels).
  • Why not consider have a Doggy Christmas Party?
    • Invite some of your friends around who have dogs.
    • Exchange gifts for dogs which can include Dog Treats, Christmas attire, Bandannas, Leads, Collars etc….

6.  Special Christmas Meal:

  • Your pet will enjoy an extravagant Christmas meal just like we do.
  • Prepare a dog-friendly Christmas meal. You can make a special dish with safe, dog-friendly ingredients like cooked Meat, sweet potatoes, or pumpkin to share with your pup.
    • Of course, you can have some of those Christmas Dog Treats and give this to them as a special treat and let them enjoy this as the day goes by.
    • Be sure not to feed your puppy to many leftovers and be aware of what is being fed to them…… Remember things like Chocolate is really bad for dogs.

7.  Charitable Acts:

  • Spread the holiday cheer by involving your dog in acts of kindness.
  • Visit a local animal shelter
  • Consider visiting nursing home together to bring joy to others during the festive season.

Remember, the most important aspect of these traditions is spending quality time with your furry companion and creating lasting memories together during the holiday season.

Christmas is all about sharing.  So be sure to share your adventures with your pets on our socials.  We love seeing our friends Creating Awesome Memories with the pets in their lives....  

All the best and thank-you for your support.  

The team at Huds and Toke truly appreciate it.