Honouring the Unsung Heroes: Animals in War on ANZAC Day

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 23rd Apr 2024

Honouring the Unsung Heroes: Animals in War on ANZAC Day

As ANZAC Day draws near, our hearts turn to remembrance, not just for the brave soldiers who served, but also for the often-overlooked heroes: the animals who stood alongside them in times of conflict.

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In the tumult of World War One, an astonishing 16 million animals played pivotal roles in the war effort. 

Among them, approximately 8 million horses valiantly served, not only in the famed Light Horse Brigade but also as carriers of supplies, transporters of the wounded, and retrievers of the fallen. 

Donkeys, mules, dogs, pigeons, and even canaries all played their part.

Horses charged fearlessly into battle, while dogs served as loyal companions and guardians, performing tasks ranging from message delivery to mine detection. 

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Pigeons soared through the skies, carrying vital communications, and canaries served as early warning systems for poisonous gases.

Over 100,000 pigeons served in WW1, and an astounding 200,000 in WW2, highlighting the crucial role animals played in wartime communications.

But their contributions extend beyond the battlefield. 

Many animals served as mascots, offering comfort and companionship to soldiers in the darkest of times.

As we reflect on ANZAC Day, let us not forget the sacrifices of these noble creatures. They, too, are integral to our freedom and deserve our gratitude.

Today, as we enjoy the companionship of our pets, let us remember the debt we owe to those who served alongside us throughout history. 

In times of uncertainty, our pets provide comfort, companionship, and a sense of normalcy.  

Even in todays uncertain world, seek out our pets to help us find comfort and to remind us of all the awesome things in the world!

So, as we mark this solemn occasion, let us also celebrate the enduring bond between humans and animals. 

From the team at Huds and Toke, we extend our deepest gratitude to all of our heroes; including the animal ones!!!

Consider treating your beloved pets to some awesome pet treats this long weekend, and may we all take a moment to honour the legacy of both human and animal heroes who have shaped our world.

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