Insect Dog Treats may be great for your Dogs Dental Health!

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 20th Mar 2024

Insect Dog Treats may be great for your Dogs Dental Health!

Imagine your furry friend bounding towards you, tail wagging, ready for playtime........

Australian Made Insect Dog Treats

But wait—there's an unwelcome guest lurking: bad breath! 

Halitosis, or bad breath, isn't just a pesky inconvenience; it could signal underlying dental issues for our beloved canine companions. 

In fact, a staggering 80% of dogs over three years old grapple with periodontal disease, making it a widespread concern among pet owners.

So how do our pets get bad breath?

Well, basically it is the result of activity in the mouth, where bacteria breaks down food proteins among other things, which thus, generates sulphur compounds, which are responsible for causing a bad odour in the mouth and can also be a sign of periodontal disease…

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a common condition that affects the tissues surrounding, and supporting the teeth.

If left un-checked, It can lead to discomfort, difficulty eating, and tooth loss with other infections evolving from there! 

Prevention, and management, of periodontal disease is essential, and one needs to address periodontal disease promptly to prevent further complications and maintain oral and overall health.

Needles to say, prevention is far better than treatment!

There are many ways to manage dental health in our dogs.  These include:

  • Fresh bones. 
  • Physically washing their teeth. 
  • High quality Dog Treats. 
  • Dog Chew Toys. 
  • Encouraging a healthy gut microbiome through a healthy diet. 

However, there is a new ground-breaking solution.......

One that not only tackles bad breath head-on, but also revolutionizes our furry friends' dental health.

Enter the world of insect-based protein — an innovative approach that promises a breath of fresh air for our four-legged pals.

A recent scientific study, which has been published, unveils the transformative power of a diet centred around black soldier fly (BSF) protein.

The findings? 

Well.... dogs who were fed an Insect Protein (BSF) based diet exhibited a remarkable reduction in the bacteria responsible for those dreaded foul odours.

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At the same time, beneficial bacteria were observed to thrived in their saliva microbiota. 

This means that the microbiome within the mouth is healthier, and more effective at combatting nasty bacteria trying to cause the dreaded Bad Breath, and thus, better at trying to prevent periodontal disease!

It's not just about freshening breath; it's about promoting vibrant oral health from the inside out.

And here's where it gets exciting: Huds and Toke Bug Chew products are at the forefront of this oral health revolution.

Packed with insect-based goodness, these treats offer more than just a tantalizing taste; they're a gateway to a healthier, happier pup.

Further to this, they are also made with a powerful Pre-biotic to help enhance the gut health of your pup which magnifies the potential of the health benefits of Insect Protein.

Bug Chew Dog Treats

Plus, they're not just good for your furry friend—they're good for the planet too!

With their sustainability advantages and hypoallergenic properties, insect-based products like these are a win-win for both pet and planet.

So why not introduce your pup to the gift of fresh breath and vibrant oral health, with Huds and Toke Bug Chew products. 

It's more than just a treat; it's a celebration of your pet's well-being, backed by science and crafted with love. 

Why not give them a try for something different.  The team at Huds and Toke know your puppies will love them.