Managing High Temperatures, and fevers, in your Horse!

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 10th May 2024

Managing High Temperatures, and fevers, in your Horse!

Spotting and Soothing High Temperatures in your Horse is an important part of owning a pony!

Your four-legged besties mean the world to you, right?

We get it. That's why it's super important to keep an eye on their health, including watching out for fevers.

Yup, horses can get them too! But don't fret, this is a simple guide on how to sniff out a fever in your trusty steed, and what to do about it.

Clues Your Pony Might Be Feeling A Little Feverish:

Take Their Temp: First up, whip out that trusty thermometer and take your horse's temperature.

    • Normal for a horse is around 37.2°C to 38.6°C.
    • Keep in mind, rectal thermometers are the way to go for accurate readings however there are other ways….
    • DO NOT put a thermometer in their mouth in case they:
      1. Chew on it and thus break the glass/plastic and then ingest the mercury which is poisonous.
      2. Your loose your grip and they swallow it….. Which would not be good!
    • With the advent of new devices designed to measure temperature you could consider using an Infrared Electronic Thermometer which can be used to point into the ear, or other parts of the body, to get a temperature indication!

Body Talk: Besides a toasty temperature, your horse might drop hints they're not feeling their best. Look out for signs like:

    • Being a bit lazier than usual or signs of lethargy
    • Turning their nose up at their food or loss of appetite
    • Huffy-puffy breathing or a faster pulse
    • Hooves and ears feeling warmer than usual
    • Shivers or sweats, even when it's not work-out time
    • Acting out of character such as turning into a grump

Check Them Out: Give your pony pal a once-over. Any lumps, bumps, or tender spots? Heat or swelling can clue you in on where the trouble might be brewing.

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What to Do When Your Furry BFF's Feeling Under the Weather:

Ring Your Horse's Healthcare Hero: You don’t have to know everything….. simply get in touch with your trusty vet, pronto! They're the horse whisperers who'll know exactly what to do.   

Isolate and Chill: Keep your poorly pony away from others to avoid any germ swapping. Make sure their digs are comfy and give them some space to rest up.

Pamper Party: Set the scene for a spa day (horse-style, of course). Fresh water, top-notch grub, some Healthy Horse Treats which are healthy and taste great, and a soft spot to snooze are must-haves. And don't forget to check in on their vital signs regularly.

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Medicine Time: Your vet might prescribe some meds to help your buddy feel better. Follow their lead on dosage and when to dish them out. Be sure to use some tasty Horse Treats to help the medicine go down….. hide the treatment in a pony pudding perhaps?

Listen to the Doc: Your vet might suggest some extra tests to suss out what's causing the fever. Trust their expertise and follow their game plan to get your horse back on track.

Stay on Guard: Keep your horse haven squeaky clean to stop any nasties from spreading. That means scrub-a-dubbing equipment and keeping new visitors on a tight leash.

Wrapping It Up:

Your horse isn't just a pet—they're your partner in crime, confidant, and bestie all rolled into one.

So, when they're feeling under the weather, it's up to you to swoop in and save the day!

With a keen eye, quick action, and a little help from your vet, you'll have your equine sidekick back in the saddle and feeling fab in no time.

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Keep those bonds strong, keep creating awesome memories, and here's to many more adventures together! 

All the best from your team at Huds and Toke.



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