Salt in Your Horse's Diet

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 3rd Oct 2023

Salt in Your Horse's Diet

The Salt of the Earth: 

Unveiling the Vital Role of Salt in Your Horse's Diet

Amidst the array of dietary considerations, there lies a humble yet indispensable component - salt. 

Often underestimated, salt is the unsung hero of your horse's nutrition, a cornerstone of vitality you simply can't ignore.

Why Horses Need Salt:

In the grand tapestry of equine biology, salt emerges as a star player.

Horses are herbivores, and their natural diet consists of forage, which is relatively low in salt content. However, even in a natural grazing environment, horses would naturally seek out salt sources such as mineral deposits or salty soil. Here are the primary reasons why horses need salt:

1. Electrolyte Balance: 

Picture this: a finely-tuned orchestra of nerve impulses, muscle contractions, and cellular harmony. Salt, in the form of sodium and chloride ions, conducts this symphony. It's the electric current that powers your horse's body, ensuring muscles flex, nerves spark, and cells communicate seamlessly.

If they don’t get adequate salt, it can result in muscle cramping and even dehydration.

2. Thirst Stimulation:

Salt is the catalyst for quenching your horse's primal thirst. As they savour this mineral treasure, it acts as a trigger, compelling them to drink more water.

Hydration becomes an art form, vital for efficient digestion, nutrient absorption, and mastering the art of temperature regulation.

3. Preventing Deficiencies: 

Salt isn't just a seasoning; it's a guardian against nutritional imbalances.

A deficiency in sodium and chloride can lead to lacklustre performances on a number of levels - reduced stamina, feeble muscles, and a dull coat.

Salt steps in as the superhero, warding off these issues and helps prevent further injuries.

This is one of the reasons Huds and Toke includes Salt in our Horse Training Treats.

4. Temperature Regulation: 

Horses have a knack for breaking a sweat, quite literally. Salt becomes their saviour as they perspire, liberally. It's their secret weapon for temperature control, preventing overheating and ensuring they stay cool.

5. Palatability: 

Salt adds a dash of excitement to your horse's dining experience. It helps with making their feed taste great, which, in-turn, encourages them to eat more. This ensures they get their nutritional requirements.

Horse Training Treats

In the grand drama of equine nutrition, salt assumes a leading role, not to be understated or disregarded. 

It's not a mere condiment; it's a fundamental pillar of well-being. 

Horse Treats are one part of your ponies diet which can add to their over-all well being.

Remember, moderation is the key, and consulting with a knowledgeable equine nutritionist or veterinarian is the final act of responsible horse care.

One thing to remember though, not all salt is salt!

Iodised salt is used in the human food chain for specific reasons….. Namely because Iodine is very important and our diets tend to be low in iodine….

However, when it comes to horses, it’s best to be careful how you give Iodised salt as a supplement given by you as the Horse owner.

Horses typically obtain their iodine requirements through their regular diet, which includes forages and grains. Iodine is an essential trace mineral, and most equine diets naturally provide sufficient iodine levels. 

Iodine is absolutely necessary, however, it can create complications if your pony eats too much of it so it is best to be careful, especially if you make your own salt lick blocks, or other salt supplements.

I hope this helps with your understanding in regards to the role salt plays in your ponies products.

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