Time to Give Thanks.  And Presents.  Pet Treats can be a great Idea.

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 26th Nov 2021

Time to Give Thanks. And Presents. Pet Treats can be a great Idea.

Pet Treats and Other Pet Products can make Great Gifts.

Never has there been a better time to give thanks for what, and who, we have in our lives.

The last two years have been a time of mighty change and taking stock of our what great things we have in our lives is really important.

We all have many blessings if we just take a moment to reflect....

Those of us with Pets in our lives are blessed with so much.  We love them, they help us to feel good about ourselves as well as about our future, plus, in may cases they help us to be better humans.

With this in mind, when we are thinking about giving gifts to our loved ones, our family, or simply to our friends and neighbors; Pet Treats and other Pet Products are a great idea.

Many of us have a lot in our lives.....  But pets, including Horses, Pet Rabbits, Cats, Dogs, Pet Birds, Fish etc..... bring so much joy to the lives of Pet Parents.  Hence, giving a gift for Christmas which is actually for these pets can mean so much.

Christmas Pet Treats

If this is something you might consider the team here at Huds and Toke can even include a personalized message.

Consider purchasing some of our Christmas products, or even something from the ideas section below, and we can send this gift directly to the person it is intended for even if it is a different address to you.....  

PLUS, we can include a hand written, and personalized message from you to them.

Believe us when we tell you, whom ever you are sending this gift to, they will love it when a Huds and Toke Packaged turns up with gifts for them, to gift to their fur babies....

Here are some Ideas for Gifts for Pets:

1.  Christmas Pet Treats including Christmas Horse Treats......  With a personalized message.

2.  A Gift which includes Pet Treats, plus Pet Products, such as bedding, Leads, Collars, Grooming Combs, Fish tank Cleaner, Chook Lolly, Cat Scratcher, Heat Lamp, Horse Rug, Bird Mirror, etc...

3.  Christmas Dog Treats or Pet Treats, PLUS a Bag of Dog Food or Pet Food.

4.  A voucher for a dollar amount which the person can then choose at their leisure.

5.  A Grooming session or a Voucher for a Veterinary Check-up.

You get the drift!  There are lots of ideas for you to give a loved one something which will be meaningful, whilst also being for their pets, and their pets welfare.

Gifts for Pets

Huds and Toke may not be able to help with all of this, however, we can, most certainly, organize most what is on this this list.   At the very least, if you talk to us, we can help you work it out.

Giving gifts to people with pets which are for their pets is a great idea no matter who you are.  Huds and Toke can help with that.....  So get in touch with us before time runs out.....  And we'll help you gift to them!

Thank-you for your support.  We truly appreciate you supporting an Australian Owned family business.

All the best from the entire team at Huds and Toke and we look forward to serving you.



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