Welfare of Pets this Summer is really Important.

Posted by Russell Gibbons on 14th Dec 2023

Welfare of Pets this Summer is really Important.

Summertime is all about celebration, but amidst the hustle and bustle, let's not overlook our furry family members.

As the Australian summer rolls in, complete with its festivities and Christmas cheer, our pets need a little extra TLC to weather the heat and ensure their wellbeing.

Picture this: while you're out soaking up the sunshine at gatherings and parties, your pets might be chilling in their paddocks or enclosures. But they feel the heat just like we do! Here's your guide to keeping them cool, happy, and safe during this vibrant season:

Hydration Station:

Water, water, water! This is numero uno. 

Whether they're a dog, horse, hamster, or anything in between, they need plenty of hydration, especially when the mercury rises.

Shade and Shelter:

Create a haven for them. 

Shield them from the scorching sun, heat, wind, rain, and those unpredictable summer storms. 

A safe retreat can make all the difference.

Summer Hairdo:

Think about a trim! While fur is fantastic, excessive hair can be uncomfortable during sweltering months. Consider a trim after consulting your vet to help them cool down without compromising their natural needs.

Banishing Boredom:

Prevent the mischief! 

If you're away for a day or two, keep them engaged with boredom-busting treats and toys. Huds and Toke offer a stellar range of goodies that can keep your pets entertained while you're off making merry.

Remember, you don't want them to be howling, barking continuously, digging holes trying to get out etc...  while you are out and about!!!

Boredom busting pet treats, and toys, are a great way to help this....  Plus it applies to ponies, dogs and small animals as well!

Ensure you place a mix of toys, long lasting dog chews, as well as some dog treats which can be eaten as a snack easily around your yard....  this will keep them occupied.

Of course, this also goes for Horse Treats as well as small animal treats....  These pets also get bored if you are not around them....

Paws and Pavements:

Remember, their paws aren't made for hot pavements! Opt for grassy walks during cooler times of the day to avoid burns and discomfort caused by scorching surfaces.

This goes for ponies as well.....  We don't want to damage their hooves on overly hot surfaces.

Extra TLC:

Amidst the festivities, don't forget them! Changes in routine can confuse our pets, so shower them with attention, reassuring them they're still cherished members of the family.

Dietary Caution:

Tempting as it is to share our feast, keep a watchful eye on their diet. Chocolate is a big no-no – it's harmful to pets. Vigilance here can save you an unwelcome vet trip!

This summer, revel in the joyous season, but let's not overlook our beloved pets. They deserve our care and attention just as much as ever. So here's to a fabulous summer and a festive season filled with love, laughter, and happy, safe pets by our side!

All the best from the team here at Huds and Toke and we are truly grateful for your support.

Wishing you and your furry companions a fantastic summer ahead!