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Dog Enrichment Toy or Slow Feeding Ball

Small - 15cm Diameter


Product Description

These Sturdy Australian Made Dog Enrichment Felt Snuffle Balls are awesome quality, made by dog owners for dog owners and designed to be a step different to the more traditional snuffle mats for dogs.

Insert small sized treats or dog biscuits in the centre of the folds and let the dog loose to snuffle and keep themselves entertained. Dogs love any excuse to use their smelling senses and this is a great way to allow that to happen.

This is a great sized ball, Great for dogs of all sizes as there are 3 sizes available.

Also perfect to be used as a throwing ball as they are soft for dogs teeth and mouths.

They are sturdy enough to put through the Washing Machine and then just hang on the line to dry

Upon receiving – just fluff and twist to open the ball up as it may be a bit flat from postage and insert what ever treats you want.

Best to use Dry Style Treats or Kibble

These are our suggestions –

Veggie Tubes, Beef Liver, Little Chicken Bites, Little Beef Bites, Little Fish Bites, Lamb Puff (Flat), Micro Bones (halved)

Best to supervise your dog whilst using, like you would any toy.

Product Material


Available in Different colours.

Machine washable.

Product Size

Small Diameter Size = 10cm (4 inches)

Medium Diameter Size = 15cm (6 inches)

Large Diameter Size = 20cm (8 inches)

Product Usage

Dog gifts, Dog Birthday present, enrichment toy, dog boredom buster toy, dog toy, puppy play, dog training.

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Made in Locally at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, AUSTRALIA by Fellow Dog Owners for Dog Owners