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Is my dog overweight? 4 Easy ways to check

OUR puppies' health is really important.Not just to them as animals though. There is a direct correlation between the health of ones puppy and the health of ones wallet!But seriously, putting money aside, our puppy needs to be healthy to have a certain quality of life and to have a long life. Not too dissimilar to [...]

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Can dogs catch a cold?

IT'S that time of year again when winter is just around the corner and the dreaded cold, or flu, seems to show itself with great vigor? I know a cold can make me feel pretty lousy but what about your puppy?  We all know our puppies are great at catching a ball but can they catch a [...]

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We are always hearing about the benefits of owning a pet. And in all reality, I think we can safely assume that the majestic horse is now considered a pet for all intense purposes! However, I think horses can provide certain benefits like no other pet can. And I want to highlight in this blog why you should feel good [...]

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CHOCOLATE IS BAD!.......For dogs…… In fact, it is the Theobromine, which is an alkaloid, which is technically the bad thing for dogs…….It just so happens that it occurs naturally in the seeds of the Cocoa Tree. These seeds are harvested and Cocoa Butter is made from them, which is what chocolate is made from! Oh, and the darker the chocolate; the higher [...]

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Horses Learning to Understand Humans

There has been some talk recently about the fact that horses can indeed read, and interpret, facial expressions in humans!This is a very exciting development.I suppose one shouldn’t really be surprised at this at all! Especially when you consider an intelligent animal such as the horse has been around humans for more than 5000 years!Imagine how this could [...]

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It's only 3 weeks until Easter......wow...how did that happen????Knowing how important it is to celebrate this time of year......plus understanding that many of us have an extended time off.......NOW is the time to get your Easter Treats for your ponies and your puppies organised.....The Easter bunny doesn't just come to Us you know......... Because of this, [...]

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As our pets, both horses and dogs and cats etc…, become more and more a part of our family we are noticing indicators of stress more visibly.Is this because our pets are getting more stressed? OR are we getting better at noticing stress indicators because we are becoming more familiar with our pets?The third question to this is; [...]

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I think it’s super important to give back to our communities.If we want our children, and indeed ourselves, to grow up in a positive society don’t you think it is up to good people to get involved into that society and give back in some way?Be it in kind, such as donation of your time and skills, or in [...]

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Gum Disease in Dogs

Dogs are five times more likely to get gum disease than humans!Gum Disease, or periodontal disease, occurs with the presence of plaque. Plaque below the gum line is easy to remove, however, it is the plaque above the gum line which causes the issue.This plaque, if left unchecked, slowly turns into Tartar. Put simply, the bacteria in [...]

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Happy New Year for 2016

                           "Creating Memories"Happy New Year to everyone…….Plus, Happy Australia day as well!I hope you had a great festive season and now well and truly started another year which I hope is filled with adventure, fun and all the good stuff. Huds and Toke have had a [...]

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