Sparkling Melting Moments Gourmet Dog Treats Recipe

Sparkley Melting Moment Gourmet Dog Treats

Entertains 1 Dog



2 x Huds and Toke Sparkles

1tbl spoon Smooth Peanut Paste (no added salt or sugar)



Scoop out a spoon of smooth peanut paste.

Place the Peanut Paste only on a microwaveable saucer.

Place into the microwave and turn on high for 10 seconds.  The idea is to soften the Peanut Paste.


Once softened adequately, place the "Blob" of Peanut Paste in the centre of the Sparkle Cookie.

Make sure you place this on the UNFROSTED side of the Sparkle Cookie.


Now squish the second Sparkle, UNFROSTED side onto the Peanut Paste.

Let cool and you now have your very own Sparkle Melting Moment Gourmet Dog Treat!


Repeat this as many times as you want!